Ridge Pike Improvement Project:
Whitemarsh-Springfield Segment (Crescent Avenue to Philadelphia)

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Ridge Pike is owned by Montgomery County from Philadelphia to Norristown. It carries between 20,000 and 30,000 cars each day. The original roadway alignment dates to colonial days as do some of the features along the road. The modern roadway dates from the 1930s and was widened in the 1970s.

The design engineer for the Ridge Pike Improvement Project, Gannett Fleming, has served as an engineering consulting partner in global infrastructure for 100 years. We improve communities through construction services, earth science, facilities, geospatial, transportation, and water-related projects in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit www.gannettfleming.com.

The Problems

  • Roadway & drainage in poor condition
  • Difficult turning movements at intersections
  • Congestion along the length of the corridor
  • Buildings and older features close to the road

The Solutions

  • Full reconstruction of the roadway
  • Add traffic signals at Crescent & Barren Hill
  • Add eastbound through lane between Harts Lane and Northwestern Avenue
  • Add stormwater management facilities

Several Projects

The area of Ridge Pike between Norristown and Philadelphia is nearly 5 miles long and costly to rebuild. In order to fund and construct improvements as quickly as possible, the project is divided into several manageable segments. Each one has its own timeline and funding. The portion between Crescent Avenue and Philadelphia is one of many. For more information about improvements to other segments of Ridge Pike, please visit www.ridgepikeproject.com and www.lafayettestreetproject.com.

Project Status

The Crescent Ave. to Philadelphia segment is currently in preliminary engineering (PE) and approaching 30% of design. Staff from the Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) and Montgomery County Roads and Bridges Department meet frequently with professional staff from Whitemarsh and Springfield Township to discuss the design as it evolves. MCPC staff are also working with property owners to address their concerns. By the end of 2017, the PE phase is expected to wrap up and final design will begin.

Public Involvement

The Montgomery County Planning Commission and Montgomery County Department of Roads and Bridges held a public open house for the Crescent Avenue to Philadelphia segment on June 20, 2016. The event featured conceptual plan displays highlighting existing conditions as well as possible improvements. Attendees had the opportunity to circulate among the various displays to gather information, make comments, and discuss the different facets of the project with the project team members. Click on the links below to view the evening’s presentation and other materials.

More information on this important project will be coming soon. For questions or comments, please contact Matthew Edmond at 610-278-3742.